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One of Playa Guiones's greatest attributes is the strong community of female surfers. Consistently, the water will see days where the females far outnumber the males. However, surprisingly, very few are from the local area. This is because there are next to no programs or resources for the local women to pursue surfing. 


Because of this, we founded Lady Loggers, a completely free surf program dedicated solely to the ladies from Nosara. We’ve made it our mission to provide as many free surf lessons as possible. Every lesson booked with Ten Toes Surf helps fund Lady Loggers and helps promote a rich, diverse, community in the water. 


Although born in Kenya, I learnt to surf while washing wetsuits at a surf school in North Cornwall, UK. What started as a summer job evolved into a lifelong passion which enabled me to travel the world coaching surfing and guiding tours. After five years in Costa Rica, I realised that this is where I wanted to live and build my life.

From my experience, very few people can get into the water with a board and surf expertly without instruction. The majority of us benefit from coaching. I started Ten Toes Surf  to create a technical surf coaching centre where you can learn to surf in a step-by-step way.


We use a range of techniques such as:

  • coaching you in the water

  • video analysis of your progress and performance

  • special exercises to develop technique and mobility

  • water skills and safety


We cater for the needs of each individual. Whatever your age, experience and level of ability, we will design a programme to improve your surfing and enhance your enjoyment of the waves. We will have fun doing it as well!

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