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At Ten Toes Surf, we go beyond helping you stand up on a board. We want to teach you how your surfboard works, how different waves break, and how positioning your body differently can enable you to have more control. We’ll give you short, mid, and long term goals, not only so we can track your progress while together, but so you can continue to progress long after you leave.


Our team of coaches specialise in beginner, immediate, and advanced surf techniques. No matter your level,  a Water Session will be personalised to your specific skill set to ensure both a challenging and rewarding session.


  • All levels

  • 90 min Water Session

  • Filming

  • Theory Session​

The Smarter session has been carefully curated to deliver both of our strongest components of coaching as efficiently as possible.


First we guide you through a Water Session. A 90 minute surf lesson that is designed to show us the strengths and weaknesses in your surfing so we can quickly help you improve. 


Using the information gathered from the water session and your coach’s analysis of the video footage a personalised theory session will then be created for you.


This theory session will be designed to specifically target the areas of your surfing that your coach deems most important in accelerating your progress.


This could be one of or a combination of:


  • Land drills/exercises

  • Pool drills/exercises

  • Video analysis of your surfing

  • Video analysis of model surfers

  • Meteorology

  • Surfboard Design

  • Apnea training


  • Intermediate​​ / Advanced 

  • 2hr Water Session

  • Filming

  • Transportation

  • Refreshments

The majority of our Water Sessions take place in Playa Guiones. However,  we love seizing the opportunity to show guests new breaks. Day Trips are entirely reliant on weather/wave conditions and capacity is limited, so please contact us as early as possible with requests and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


  • All levels

  •  Two 90 min Water Sessions per day 

  • Filming

  • Transportation

  • Refreshments

Our years of experience coaching surfing has taught us that the best way to improve is to fully immerse yourself in all things surf.

Work with us for a week and we can structure a week long course with clear and achievable objectives.

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